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12 Collections 127 Products
Child's Money Bank collection with 29 products
Child's Money Bank 29 products    
Cutting Boards collection with 8 products
Cutting Boards 8 products    
Pens collection with 2 products
Pens 2 products    
Servewave collection with 6 products
Servewave 6 products    
Trophies collection with 32 products
Trophies 32 products    
Wine Accessories collection with 1 products
Wine Accessories 1 product    
Barware collection with 2 products
Barware 2 products    
Clocks collection with 5 products
Clocks 5 products    
Photo Frames & Albums collection with 13 products
Photo Frames & Albums 13 products    
Trays collection with 2 products
Trays 2 products    
Wood Gifts collection with 18 products
Wood Gifts 18 products    
Baby collection with 9 products
Baby 9 products    

Creative Gifts Direct is the on-line business of Creative Gifts International, Inc., a recognized leader in the gift industry in the United States with roots going back to the mid 1950’s as a manufacturer, importer and distributor.

Our business started as a manufacturer of silver plated trays, bowls, tea sets and even religious items. Over the ...... Read More